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New MBA Students Collect Record Donations for Charity

More than 84,000 euros raised for Save the Children e. V. despite pandemic.

Bringing total donations to date to 400,000 euros, this year 136 WHU MBA students participating in the Future Leaders Fundraising Challenge (FLFC) generated an incredible 84,310.55 euros for partner organization and charity Save the Children. 

A unique learning concept developed at WHU, the FLFC initiates new students into the MBA program and demonstrates leadership practices that benefit the students further in their studies and careers. The one-week course combines key leadership and strategic skills through hands-on tasks, establishing the importance of balancing corporate goals with social responsibility. Developing a successful charitable fundraising campaign using both physical and digital products, students launch their campaign to the market in a matter of days, while gaining insights on how to approach the current digital strategic environment.

“I love a challenge,” says member of winning team ‘WHU Rangers’ and Full-Time MBA student, Bacel Issa. “Of course, I was a little nervous beforehand as I didn’t know my fellow team members nor any real details about what the challenges were. It can be tough to give 100 percent every day, especially when working under pressure. However, after the third day, I felt that our team grew closer; we understood our personal strengths so that we could benefit from each of our individual skill sets.”

What provides the most intense yet transformational aspect of the challenge is this drive to work efficiently as a team. These independently chosen teams pair different personalities and cultures – with some participating remotely - and promote an attitude of flexibility and open communication. This year posed an even greater challenge for the MBA students, with the pandemic demanding greater creativity from them to complete the challenge without leaving their homes or WHU Campus Düsseldorf.

“Each challenge throughout the week urged me to think critically, creatively, and with an analytical perspective under the time pressure,” adds Full-Time MBA student Helen Wiehe. “It is important to stay calm and communicate with your team. This is key when working with new people, especially when you come from different cultural and professional backgrounds.”

For more than 100 years, organization Save the Children has been determined to ensure that children all over the world can grow up in a healthy and safe environment. With support from sponsors such as Neuland,, Yazaki Europe, and HSBC, many external players are taking note of the innovative power of the FLFC, which started in 2016.

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