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The German Workforce Can’t Keep up in the Digital Era, but WHU MBA Graduates Can

WHU's curriculum reflects the changing world to make sure that WHU MBA graduates have the qualities that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Opening a bank account, booking a holiday, buying a car, or even swiping right for your next date – nowadays much can be achieved with the touch of a button. We live in a generation where our relationship with the digital world grows ever closer. Yet, according to a recent study cited by German newspaper Handelsblatt, the German workforce is not prepared for the future that Industry 4.0 has in store, with employees lacking the necessary digital know-how and related skills to match rapidly changing business needs. However, at WHU we strive to keep up with and adapt our curriculum in line with the latest trends, making sure MBA graduates are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to flourish and succeed, whatever the environment.

Of course, digital know-how is not all that employers are looking for in a new hire. According to the study, as well as a further recent study by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, skills such as the ability to work with others, the ability to manage one’s self, data analysis, strategic planning, and leadership are the most sought-after, but often hard to find in a new employee.  Fortunately, honing such proficiencies is at the very core of the WHU MBA Program’s curriculum. For example, its focus on group work, and a diverse cohort comprising students from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, puts emphasis on the ability to work with others from day one. Leadership skills are also a priority; in the very first week, students undertake the Future Leaders Fundraising Challenge, which teaches leadership through experience and instills a sense of the social responsibility required to be an inspiring leader. In addition, courses such as the Analytics Edge, Executive Leadership, and Strategy Execution, for example, and a strong, intrinsic focus on personal development throughout the duration of the program, will ensure that graduates are able to provide the market with the skills it is missing.

Yet, Handelsblatt reports that, according to the study, by 2023 the German workforce will require 700,000 tech experts to keep up with demand. You can be sure that WHU MBA graduates will be among them! Through specialized workshops in Digital Innovation and Platform Economy, for example, our students will become digital pioneers of the future. By reaching out to experts in this field, we keep students abreast of the most recent developments, and train them not only to navigate, but lead in such an environment, ultimately making them more attractive to employers than the average business school graduate.

At WHU, we prepare students for the working world, and you only have to see what out alumni are up to, to measure our success. However, as the study highlights, it is imperative to adapt to change, and we will continue to do so, making sure WHU MBA graduates will always stand out from the crowd.