WHU #2 in Germany in the New QS Ranking

The 2019 QS MBA Specialization Ranking sees WHU achieve high scores in specialist career fields.

The WHU Full-Time MBA Program at Campus Düsseldorf continues its streak of ranking accolades, by successfully achieving #2 in Germany with the QS MBA Specialization Rankings 2019 - a new ranking that re-evaluates schools according to industrial and functional specializations.

Focusing on data from the QS Full-Time MBA Ranking 2019 that saw WHU placed 69th out of 251 programs and 3rd in Germany, the organization has now reviewed the top business schools from that ranking according to specialist indicators. These include the career placement of students, the research output of faculty, and the reputation of the program with employers in each industry.

The program scored extremely well within the specialist fields of consulting and operations management, achieving 40th and 34th respectively worldwide, and #2 overall for both career outcomes in Germany.

Combining information direct from the schools, responses to the QS Global Employer Survey, and SCOPUS data (the largest database of peer-reviewed literature), these indicators are weighted alongside the final score from the most recent global MBA ranking which contributes to 40% of the final specialization score.

Find out more about the rankings on the QS Website.

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