Mercator Endowed Chair of Demand Management & Sustainable Transport

Demand management meets routing optimization

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Demand management meets routing optimization

Professor Strauss has been invited to give a presentation on the interplay of demand management and routing optimization at the Data Guild of Delivery Hero on 18th November. 

Delivery Hero is a company that focusses on meal deliveries from restaurants to customers, offering delivery services in around 40 countries. Having been founded 2011 in Berlin, they had over 35,000 employees and a turnover of around 2.47 billion Euro in 2020.

The talk will outline recent academic research in this area including using various demand management mechanisms (pricing, promotions or others) so as to incentivize orders that (are expected to) lead to efficient routing solutions. Professor Strauss will give some examples from the domain of both meal delivery and attended home delivery of groceries. The idea is highlight the potential of linking demand management and routing decisions as demonstrated by various recent works, rather than looking at the technical details of a specific solution approach.