Prof. Arne Strauss talks about the research project - CADENZA

Advanced Capacity and Demand Management for European Network Performance Optimization

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CADENZA aims at developing a detailed trajectory broker concept for the European network, incorporating advanced demand-capacity balancing mechanisms. It builds upon the findings of the 2019 Jane’s-ATC-Innovation-award-winning SESAR Exploratory Research project COCTA, as well as upon latest industry developments. The trajectory broker balances capacity and demand through a coordinated capacity provision process and collaborative trajectory management (including a novel trajectory charging scheme). 

CADENZA covers all areas of capacity provision (en-route, terminal area, and airport) as well as all temporal levels (strategic, pre-tactical and tactical). Based on previous research we expect significant improvements in cost-efficiency as well as positive impacts on other key performance indicators, especially delays.

The CADENZA concept is being thoroughly validated, using mathematical models and comprehensive real-world trajectory data. Sensitivity analysis incorporates non-nominal conditions as well as different assumptions with respect to the overall air traffic management framework, e.g., different levels of flexibility in capacity provision. Moreover, a high degree of stakeholder involvement – including an industry expert panel and stakeholder workshops – ensures practical relevance.