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In the spotlight at the World ATM Congress 2021

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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For the fourth consecutive year, World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress has partnered with the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central  FABEC to host the FABEC OPS Theatre at World ATM Congress 2021, 26-28 October 2021 in Madrid, Spain. The FABEC OPS Theatre provides a platform to discuss operational issues and address the questions that drive day-to-day business.

On 26 October, Jan Rasmus Künnen (WHU) will give a presentation together with Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert (Worms) from 13.10 - 13.25 on advanced capacity and demand management to optimise European network performance (CADENZA).

Launched in June 2020, the CADENZA project covers all areas of capacity provision (en-route, terminal airspace and airport) as well as all temporal levels (strategic, pre-tactical and tactical). In addition, the CADENZA research project also considers various options for cross-border capacity provision. Based on previous research, we expect significant improvements in cost efficiency as well as positive impacts on other key performance indicators, in particular a reduction in delays and greenhouse gas emissions.

The presentation by Jan Rasmus Künnen and Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert, consists of two main parts.

In the first part, different conceptual options for better coordination of capacity provision are presented, comparing different levels of centralised and decentralised decision-making. In one of the options, the network manager acts as a (trajectory) broker between airspace users and capacity providers to match air traffic demand and capacity in the network.

The second part of the presentation numerically presents the values of so-called flexible "trajectory products" in the pre-tactical phase as an important element of demand management.

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