Mercator Endowed Chair of Demand Management & Sustainable Transport

TSL online Workshop 2021

Jan-Rasmus Künnen and Arne Strauss talk about -The value of flexible flight-to-route assignments in pre-tactical air traffic management

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Interaction in Transport and Logistics

The theme of this TSL workshop is Interaction in Transport and Logistics. This theme captures the two main goals of our workshops:

1. It refers to the main purpose of the workshop, interaction within our community. Especially given that the workshop is online, and social distancing is our everyday norm, this is an important design pillar for planning the workshop.

2. The focus of the theme is on the interaction between supply and demand, i.e., the interaction between providers and users of transport. This especially relates to the advances in demand and customer behavior models in the context of transportation and logistics.


Online platform: Zoom

We will use Zoom as our platform for the online workshop. You can download the app using this link: To participate in the workshop, a specific Zoom link is required which will be send to registered participants. Some instructions on using Zoom will be given at the start of the workshop, during the ‘Opening’. Parallel sessions are held in so-called breakout rooms. The breakout rooms for the parallel sessions are given the names: Mandeville room and Tinbergen room. These names can also be found in this program for each parallel session. Additionally, several breakout rooms, designated as coffee rooms, will be available as well, which can be used e.g. for networking purposes.


With the exception of a few plenary meetings, the presentations take place in six installments of two parallel sessions. Each such session is scheduled for one hour, and consists of four presentations. Each presentation lasts for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes slack for questions and setting up the next presentation. The workshop organizers will act as chairs to coordinate this in each session.


Monday July 19 16:00-The value of flexible flight-to-route assignments in pre-tactical air traffic management

Jan-Rasmus Kuennen and Arne Strauss talk about

To inform current discussions on the future role of the network manager in air traffic management, we illustrate the value of flexible flight-to-route assignments by dynamically influencing airspace users’ choices by pricing decisions to make flexible options more attractive when needed; the overall aim is to reduce costs arising from re-routings, tactical delays, and penalties (for violating fairness and revenue neutrality conditions). This problem is structurally related to the last mile next day delivery problem but poses some special challenges.

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