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Scientific paper in "Transportation Research Part B"

The paper analyses the value of flexible flight-to-route assignments in the pre-tactical phase of Air Traffic Management

On April 15, 2022, the paper titled “The value of flexible flight-to-route assignments in pre-tactical air traffic management” by Professor Arne K. Strauss and doctoral student Jan-Rasmus Künnen was accepted for publication at the prestigious journal “Transportation Research Part B: Methodological”. In the paper, the authors illustrate the value of dynamically influencing airspace users’ choices through pricing decisions with the goal of reducing costs from re-routings, tactical delays, and penalties (for violating fairness and revenue neutrality conditions). The problem falls in the domain of revenue management but poses some special challenges. The proposed concept and its mathematical foundation can be used to inform current discussions on the future role of the network manager in air traffic management.

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