Power of the Profession Awards 2020

Professor Huchzermeier reappointed to the jury for the Power of the Profession Awards 2020

Gartner’s SCM World reappointed Professor Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier to the jury of the Power of the Profession Awards. The jury consists of board-level supply chain executives from 40 companies together with four hand-picked academics of leading universities.

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About the Award: 

Now in their sixth year, the Power of the Profession Awards identify and recognize the top Supply Chain and Talent initiatives from the past twelve months that help to elevate the Supply Chain profession. Voted for by industry peers and our expert panel of independent, executive-level practitioner judges, the Awards recognize initiatives in two categories: Talent Breakthrough and Supply Chain Breakthrough. The Awards are open to all businesses and individuals worldwide that own, operate and/or manage a supply chain.