MBA #1 in Germany for Sustainability Focus

New Ranking Places WHU in Global Top 40

In light of the COP26 conference this week, it seems the world is waiting with bated breath to see the outcome from the meeting of global leaders in Glasgow. Climate change is a pressing issue. As more businesses emphasize driving sustainability, perhaps it is unsurprising that sustainability topics are filtering their way into courses and the curriculum of today’s business schools.

It also reflects the shift in focus of study programs, students, and future leaders here at WHU. In November 2021, the MBA program at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management ranked in the top 40 business schools globally for its focus on sustainability. Placed at #23 globally and #1 in Germany, the 2021 Corporate Knights Better World MBA Ranking emphasizes those who champion business with a positive impact. The ranking considers faculty research, attention to faculty gender diversity, and topics taught in class related to sustainability.

“The WHU MBA Program prepares the leaders of tomorrow with a sense of purpose and a solid understanding of their professional values. In alignment with those values, we can see sustainability become a more pressing topic in class for both faculty and student,” says MBA Program Director Zeeshan Sultan.

In 2020, Corporate Knights, a sustainable business magazine and research company based in Toronto, Canada, saw a rise in research and courses aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This trend reflects the increasing demand from students who wish to prepare themselves for roles with greater meaning and purpose regarding social and environmental issues.

“Every MBA program in the world should be instilling holistic purpose in leaders, ensuring they have the skills, tools, and values to build a more inclusive, healthier economy that’s beneficial to society and in harmony with the natural world,” said Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights.

The ranking includes all business schools in the recent FT100 MBA Ranking, the top 40 from the 2020 Better World MBA Ranking, and all current PRME Champions. The data is pulled from publicly disclosed information focusing on five key performance indicators (KPIs). These include core course integration of sustainability, research publications per faculty member on sustainability in 2020, sustainability-focused research institutes and centers. 

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