Promotion of LGBTIQ+ diversity at WHU

Business School ranks 20th in the Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index

Photo: Maren Lebsanft
Photo: Maren Lebsanft

After WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management appointed a new assistant professor of diversity at the beginning of the year, the newly published Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index once again underlined WHU’s commitment towards diversity. WHU was ranked 20th among all participating institutions, thus achieving a place in the top third of the index. WHU performed particularly well in the categories “Expertise, promotion and advice” and “Protection against discrimination of LGBTIQ+.”

The Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index was published for the first time this year by the UHLALA Group. Since 2009, the Berlin-based social business has been committed to supporting the LGBTIQ+ community by organizing events such as STICKS & STONES, Europe’s largest LGBTIQ+ career fair. In order to map the LGBTIQ+ commitment of German-speaking higher institutions, the UHLALA Group invited all 561 state-recognized universities and colleges in the DACH region to take part in an survey. The survey comprised 45 questions on LGBTIQ+ and diversity commitment and was filled out by the respective institutions. In addition to WHU, 61 other higher institutions accepted the invitation of the UHLALA Group and participated in the audit.

For the computation of the index, the audit questions were divided into five distinct categories and subsequently aggregated into an overall score. WHU achieved excellent results in the category “Expertise, promotion and advice,” which focuses on the training and sensitization of staff as well as the targeted support of LGBTIQ+ students. Together with Cologne’s CBS International Business School, WHU ranked third in this category. WHU was also above average in the areas of “LGBTIQ+ discrimination protection” and “Initiatives, engagement and other offers.” However, there is room for improvement in the category “Structures and LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management,” which primarily covers LGBTIQ+ diversity management and considers aspects such as technical and spatial conditions.

By taking part in the Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index, WHU has been able to evaluate its diversity commitment and gain valuable feedback on how to increase its efforts for an LGBTIQ+ inclusive campus culture. The results indicate that WHU is already one of the leading business schools in this field, but also underscores that additional steps are needed. The LGBTIQ+ Campus Index provides a basis for the continuation of WHU’s commitment towards a diverse and inclusive study environment and has already initiated further improvements, such as the creation of a guideline on diversity-sensitive language.

In this context, special thanks are owed to the efforts of Professor Dr. Nadine Kammerlander as WHU’s Diversity Officer, the student-led diversity network Diversity at WHU, as well as Klaudia Wilde from the WHU Foundation and the entire WHU Marketing Team.

Please find the complete results of UHLALA’s Campus Report here (German only).