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New Non-Executive Director at Arix Bioscience

Fintech expert and WHU Professor Axel Wieandt will advise new biotech companies

Professor Axel Wieandt, WHU

Prof. Dr. Axel Wieandt has held the title of honorary professor at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management since 2005 and has been a visiting lecturer since 2002. After completing a Bachelor’s in Business Management from WHU, he went on to receive an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and returned to WHU to complete his Doctoral studies. His professional career progressed quickly as he began work with Morgan Stanley in London before moving through the ranks at Deutsche Bank and eventually becoming CEO of Valovis Bank AG. Now working as an advisor to both European and US finance-based firms, Wieandt continues to develop further within his field of expertise and has become a well sought-after consultant.

As of next month (April 1, 2021), he will add a new title to his extensive repertoire: Non-Executive Director at Arix Bioscience. The biotech-based venture capital firm believes Wieandt’s experience as a senior financial services professional with specializations in financial technology, finance, and banking will do well to aid in the formation of future ventures. The company’s focus on investing in and aiding in the establishment of budding biotech firms integrates seamlessly with Prof. Dr. Wieandt’s skillset. With his rich consulting expertise, Prof. Dr. Wieandt will do well to enrich the portfolio of Arix Bioscience.