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Europe's Best Doctoral Program in Management Accounting

Again, WHU's doctoral program in management accounting is number one in Europe and five worldwide.

At WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, the research activities and doctoral studies in the field of management accounting are bundled at the Institute of Management Accounting & Control (IMC) under the leadership of its directors, Professor Dr. Marko Reimer, Professor Dr. Utz Schäffer, and Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber who congratulate the IMC’s former doctoral students whose research contributions made the success possible. “We are extremely proud of our former and current students”, says Utz Schäffer. “The results show that our efforts to enable our doctoral students to contribute to international research are highly successful", adds Marko Reimer.

“Having faculty members guiding you throughout the entire process really makes a difference”, according to Virginia Galster, who is currently completing her doctorate at the IMC. “We have the chance to dive deep into a broad range of topics related to management accounting and control – for instance compensation, digitalization, machine learning, top management teams or emotions. At the same time, we are able to participate in the best research conferences and colloquia, as well as make use of the huge WHU network.”

The BYU ranking, produced annually by Scott L. Summers and David A. Wood of Brigham Young University, relates to the number of peer-reviewed articles published in twelve of the world's most prestigious accounting journals in a six-year post-graduation window. The quality of each PhD program is measured in terms of how often its graduates published in one of the selected journals during this period. WHU ranks as Europe's number one for the fourth year in a row.

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