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Flattening The Curve

How the corona crisis will affect financial markets in the months to come

Recent analyses of the Robert Koch Institute for Germany are encouraging: the number of new infections and the reproduction rates of the Coronavirus are constantly decreasing. While these developments are step-by-step successes for the healthcare system, the recovery of the financial markets will still take time. For the new expert website of the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management "WHU Experts on Corona - We share our knowledge ", Professor Dr. Christian Andres has attended to this topic. He analyzes why the flattening of the infection curve relieves the health care system, while, on the other hand, the measures necessary to do so enhance the risk of recession. In the current online course, he shows which components of the corona crisis are currently burdening the financial markets and will continue doing so in the future and why this crisis is in parts fundamentally different from any previous one.