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FT MiM Ranking: World-Class WHU Master in Management in Germany

WHU's MiM Program ranks #12 worldwide and continues to top the list in Germany in the current Financial Times MiM Ranking.

"We are proud that all of the WHU on-campus degree programs have come first in Germany in the latest Financial Times rankings. We have improved our ranking in the worldwide Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking, and repeatedly taken first place among all German universities and business schools. This goes to show that the WHU Master in Management program is an excellent, well-established program," explains Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. The high score the business school has achieved proves that it is possible to attend a world-class master’s degree program in Germany.

In total, the internationally renowned newspaper Financial Times had evaluated 90 Master in Management (MiM) programs. WHU performed excellently across the board, achieving top rankings for many criteria. Compared to the previous year, WHU climbed eight places in the global ranking, and once again took the first place among German universities. The WHU Career Center received excellent ratings from MiM graduates in the "Career Service Rank" category, again coming second worldwide. In the "Weighted Salary" category, which compares the average salary three years after graduation, WHU took sixth place. In the category "Aims Achieved," which measures the extent to which alumni have fulfilled their goals for a Master's degree, WHU alumni rank ninth in an international comparison.

Both graduates and the universities themselves answer detailed questionnaires for the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking. The Master of Science program at WHU is organized as a postgraduate course of business administration targeted at highly qualified holders of a bachelor's degree in business administration who wish to work in an international setting. In addition to the Master in Management, WHU offers postgraduate courses as Master in Finance, Master in Entrepreneurship, and a Customized Master in Management and Entrepreneurship course. In a special evaluation by the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE), in which CHE assessed the quality of the digital changes in teaching and examination during the COVID-19 pandemic, WHU’s master students awarded top grades to their business school. With an average grade of 1.21, the students rated all the categories such as information management, possibilities of continuing studies and examinations as planned, and technical framework and diversity of teaching as “very good”.

This year, WHU can look back on successful rankings: WHU's MBA program took first place in the latest FT MBA Ranking in Germany and 64th place out of 100 MBA programs evaluated worldwide. In this year's FT Executive Education Open Enrolment Programs Ranking, WHU was ranked 37th worldwide and second in Germany. For the first time, WHU participated in the FT Masters in Finance Ranking and immediately took 22 place worldwide as the best program in Germany. In The Economist "Which MBA? Executive MBA Ranking" published in the summer, WHU's Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program also took fourth place worldwide as Germany's number one.