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Is A Quota for Women the Solution?

On November 7, at the Vallendar campus, WHU students will openly discuss how equality among the sexes can be achieved

Is A Quota for Women the Solution?

They’ve certainly been around for a while—in supervisory boards, political parties, and companies all across Germany. And only recently has the European Union agreed to require a quota for women in the boardroom. But is legally imposing a quota really the best way to achieve equality among the sexes? Are there, perhaps, other measures that have proven to be much more effective in the past? Students from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management will tackle these questions at a panel discussion billed as “Equality: Is a Quota for Women the Solution?”, offered exclusively in German and scheduled for Monday, November 7, at 20:00.

This open discussion marks the end of the Media Coaching course, an offering from the General Studies program that a group of students successfully completed under the direction of guest lecturer and author Ulrich Land. With the General Studies program, students learn social, methodical, socio-political, cultural, and other soft skills that, together with their core knowledge, give them the qualifications needed to become good managers. As part of these courses, there are further discussions on topics relevant to the economy, politics, psychology, history, and the sciences.

The event is free of charge and will take place in WHU’s vaulted cellar on its campus at Burgplatz 2 in Vallendar.