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Students Give WHU High Marks in Universum’s 2022 Talent Survey

WHU receives high marks from its students in new edition of the Universum Talent Survey

Students Give WHU High Marks in Universum’s 2022 Talent Survey

Universum, one of the world’s leading employer branding institutions, has recently released the 2022 edition of its annual Talent Survey, which measures overall student satisfaction with their chosen bachelor and master programs. Since 2021, WHU has sustained its high marks, confirming that students are highly pleased with their academic experience and the opportunities it could bring them in the future.

Of all 38,619 students worldwide who participated in the survey, 13,008 are active in business programs. A sample of WHU’s student body—197 enrollees—submitted their responses and offered a clear insight into the impact the school is having. Students who partook see themselves as “groundbreakers,” “go-getters,” and “globetrotters”; enjoy working in teams; and have found WHU synonymous with “performance” and “excellence.” They placed emphasis on the importance of having high-quality instruction from top professors, an open and creative space in which to learn, and promising prospects for their future careers. They expect an annual salary of €60,344 in comparison to the average €49,123 expected by students enrolled at other schools.

On average, they awarded their study programs with a score of 8.6 out of a possible 10 points, comfortably ahead of the overall average (7.1) for all business schools analyzed. WHU was rated particularly high for how well it adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, earning a 9.1 score for its virtual learning experience—a considerable difference from the average score of 6.8. The survey also shed light on the importance of the WHU Career Center: Participating students, of which 97% make active use of the center’s service and guidance, rated it an 8.9. By comparison, only 58% of all students surveyed has reached out to their respective career centers, which earned an average score of 6.5.

“The results of this survey have shown us that WHU’s efforts are having a true impact on the student body,” says Professor Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. “Although the Talent Survey has no bearing on the school’s position in any official ranking, it still offers us a valuable look at the things most important to our students and how we compare to our competition.”