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The Return of On-Campus Education

WHU returns to in-person education as of May 1

Dean of WHU Mr. Markus Rudolf with students

Little by little, teaching at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management has been returning to a sense of normalcy over the past months. In accordance with the recent federal-level policy changes regarding public health and safety in Germany, starting May 1, the standard for on-campus programs has returned to in-person teaching; the “hybrid” teaching format will only be an exception to the rule, as communicated directly by the programs.

“This ease of restrictions is allowing us all at WHU to take a big leap toward the campus life we wish to offer all students, faculty, and staff,” says Dean Markus Rudolf, who is relieved that WHU has been able to take this significant step. Social events can take place as they had before the pandemic, the dining hall has returned to full capacity, and the on-campus gym can now be accessed freely.

In September, with the start of the fall semester, operations in the campus programs will take place in person. According to Professor Rudolf, WHU will do everything in its power to make this possible. MBA students who need more flexibility (regarding location and time) will continue to have access to WHU’s Global Online MBA Program. Participants in this program only meet for one week on the campus in Duesseldorf and otherwise attend courses online and can study from anywhere in the world.

Although excited to return to the way things were, the WHU community is aware that it is necessary to continue ensuring the safety of all. Given the persistent risk of infection, both on-campus testing centers will remain open for the time being. WHU also highly encourages all members of the WHU community to exercise caution and continue wearing a face mask indoors for the safety of all present.

As Professor Rudolf confirmed, “We recognize that a return to in-person teaching is an important component of the overall learning experience and are delighted to see the halls refill with students, activity, and life.”