WHU General


A hashtag that will shape and describe the lives of faculty, staff, and students at WHU in the weeks to come.

But it is more than just a Twitter reference: It is the expression of a special WHU spirit, which is foremost characterized by courage, community, and commitment. The current establishment of #wekeepWHUrunning shows that these values are not forgotten, even in times of crisis, and provide for a stronger bond than ever among the community.With the invitation to join in, everyone can now participate in the #wekeepWHUrunning campaign. All experiences made during the Corona Crisis that have an influence on business school life should be shared with each other in text, photo or video under this hashtag.

The provisional everyday life at WHU shows that there currently is an abundance of new experiences to be made: Students are not to be found on either the Vallendar or Düsseldorf campus, lectures and events only take place in virtual space and those who can usually work from home. This is an unusual time for a university that sees cohesion and exchange deeply rooted in its philosophy. However, the fact that these roots are strong and not just empty words is shown by the already vivid participation in the #wekeepWHUrunning campaign. Feelings, impressions, comments but also worries - Everything can and should be shared with the community. Even if the current situation means isolation in some places, everyone should know that they are not alone.

Many have already participated in the campaign and shared their experiences. It is therefore up to each and everyone to provide a positive attitude in this challenging time and to transport the WHU spirit around the world. Despite the constraints, much has already been achieved that no one would have thought of a few weeks ago. In this spirit: #wekeepWHUrunning.