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WHU Closes Campus Due To Coronavirus

As a precautionary measure against a possible spread of the coronavirus, the Vallendar campus will remain closed.

"The message from the Mayen-Koblenz health authority that one of our students has been tested positive for COVID-19 reached us at noon on Sunday. We had to react quickly and closed the campus in Vallendar for the time being," explains Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. "We would like to emphasize once again that the campus is not under quarantine, but that the closure of the campus in Vallendar until March 13 serves as a precautionary measure to identify and prevent chains of infection."

The closure of the campus also means that during this period, neither courses, conferences such as the Campus for Finance - WHU Private Equity Conference, nor other events such as introduction days will take place on the Vallendar campus. The Düsseldorf campus will remain open until further notice and lectures will take place as planned - business trips between the two campuses are currently largely suspended. Besides, alternatives are increasingly being offered as to how teaching in Vallendar can be continued digitally via video recording or video conferencing.

"Today we learned that the five people who had the most intensive contact with the infected person tested negative for Covid-19. WHU's executive committee works closely with the Mayen-Koblenz Health Department and act in principle according to its rules," elaborates Rudolf. Currently, all persons who have been in direct contact with the infected person are being identified, contacted and informed by the Health Office about the further procedure and possible isolation at home.