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WHU Continues to Offer Germany’s Best Masters in Finance Program

WHU leaps ahead worldwide and stays #1 in Germany in renowned Financial Times global ranking of higher education institutions

[Translate to English:] WHU bietet weiterhin bestes Master in Finance in Deutschland

The lists published by the Financial Times are some of the world’s most salient rankings used by undergraduate students when choosing their master’s program. Only 55 business schools worldwide qualify for this list, and in Germany, only two: WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. For the third time now, WHU has both entered the Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking and seen its own program listed as the best in Germany. When assuming a global perspective, one can also see that WHU has moved upward from its debut position (#22 in 2020) to #15 in 2022.

“It is primarily the graduates who are surveyed when determining these rankings,” explained Professor Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. “And that’s why I’m so excited about this particular rise in the ranks. It shows that our students and graduates are highly satisfied with what we have on offer, the learning experience, and the effect we’re having on their careers.”

The Master in Finance program at WHU continues to perform remarkably well in the sub-category “career service” (#3). WHU also appears in other international rankings among some of the best institutions around the world. “Our program management, led by Program Director Dr. Steffen Loev, along with the Academic Directors Professor Ralf Fendel and previously Professor Martin Jacob, do exceptional work. Our outstanding Career Center, under the direction of Heike Huelpuesch, also makes a substantial contribution to the satisfaction of our student body and alumni,” Professor Rudolf continued. Notably, WHU was also able to establish itself as a big player in other sub-categories, such as “weighted salary” (#11) and “international course experience” (#9), despite the difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Frankfurt School of Management and Finance—the only other German presence in the ranking—stands this year at #27.

A complete look at the results of the Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking 2022 can be found here.