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WHU Global Online MBA Students at Campus Düsseldorf

Global Online MBA students were able to observe the “attendance week” in Düsseldorf.

Students of the global MBA program

Designed as a purely online concept, the Global Online MBA at WHU allows students to obtain an MBA with maximum flexibility. During the program, the curriculum arranges a single week of joint, in-person participation in Düsseldorf. Thanks to an ease in COVID-19–related travel restrictions, this part of the program could take place the week of March 6th.

After a year of studying online together, the students, hailing from all over the globe, were delighted that they were finally able to meet in person with faculty members and their classmates. In addition to attending live lectures at the WHU campus in Düsseldorf, they had the opportunity to get better acquainted with one other at exciting networking and team-building events, including a joint cooking class.