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WHU Real Estate Club e.V. Officially on the Books

The WHU Real Estate Club now officially recognized in Germany as a registered association

WHU Real Estate Club e.V. Officially on the Books
From left to right: Professor Tillman Wagner, Dr. Tobias Wagner, Tim Alcnauer, Patrick Breuer, and Frank M. Schmid

After a comprehensive acceptance process begun in the fall of 2022, the WHU Real Estate Club of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management has announced that the German government has recognized them as an officially registered association (in German, “eingetragener Verein”). Initiated by Tim Alcnauer (BSc, 2022), Ferdinand Lohff (MSc, 2023), Konstantin van Megen (BSc, 2023), Dr. Tobias Wagner (Diplom, 1991), Frank M. Schmid (Diplom, 1988), Patrick Breuer (MBA, 2018), and Professor Tillmann Wagner of WHU’s Chair of Service Psychology, the WHU Real Estate Club e.V. is on a mission to connect the world of real estate with the WHU community, providing the relevant expertise and market insights and allowing members to network and get in early on potentially interesting job offers and investment opportunities.

With the world of real estate facing fundamental challenges, and a strong and yet unexplored interest on both WHU’s campuses in Vallendar and Düsseldorf, those behind the organization spotted a gap in the school’s club roster. Indeed, they seek to increase their recognition both inside and outside the academic context. And despite being officially registered in Koblenz, the group is unique among WHU student clubs in that it has employed a cross-campus administrative team in the past and strives to do so in the future. Having gotten their start with several small online roundtables, the first of which was held at the tail end of the lockdown period, the club has since grown to attract hundreds of interested students and alumni. Its recognition by the German Vereinsregister [Association Registry] in April, which allows the group to enter corporate partnerships, was an important step toward building the comprehensive real estate hub that its board members are striving to make reality. Patrick Breuer, an active board member of both the club and In Praxi (WHU’s Alumni Association), highlighted the team’s 360° approach to the field: “We intend to hold larger events, bringing together WHU students, WHU alumni, and real estate enthusiasts with corporate representatives to facilitate continued and focused discussion on the real estate market in Germany.” According to him, this, in turn, will strengthen their network.

Outside of their roundtable events, the team organizes expert panels, beginner events, podcasts, on-site visits, and two field trips. During the field trip in March, members of the club visited many companies, including Deloitte, Ardian, DocEstate, Drooms, Luebke & Kelber, and Groß und Partners. Most recently, members gathered in the capital city at Edge East Side Berlin, a high-rise currently under construction that will pierce the sky at 142m (just over 460 ft.) in height and house Amazon as its primary tenant.

Interested parties—from students to potential corporate partners—who want to help shape the future of real estate are encouraged to reach out to the WHU Real Estate Club e.V. through their official website. The club is also currently looking for helping hands in the operating team, as well as for female board members.