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WHU Runs for Ukraine

WHU collects 5,700€ in donations from Confluentes at charity run

WHU Runs for Ukraine
Students of WHU at the Charity Run organized by Confluentes.

The rain couldn’t stop them. On September 10, a collective 82 students, alumni, and employees from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management laced up their running shoes and were off to the races. At the charity run in Niederwerth organized by WHU’s student-run consultancy group Confluentes, participants raised a total of 5,700€ through their athletic commitment. Those funds will now go toward the non-profit agency OBOZ Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine in their efforts to help the country so impacted by Russia’s attack. The money will chiefly be used to procure and provide medical equipment, medication, nutritional goods, and emergency vehicles.

The run lasted one-and-a-half hours, with the participants choosing themselves how many 800-meter flags they wanted to clear. Ahead of the race, each runner sought out sponsors to maximize the amount they could raise. The sponsors pledged an amount per 800 meters cleared, with the runners receiving a mark in their runner’s card for each stretch of ground covered. The graduating class that raised the most by the end of the event were given a prize. Daniel Buchener and Pauline Frohn, both members of the class of 2025, were the two heroes of the day, with Buchener covering the most distance and Frohn raising the most donations. After the run, the participants had a chance to eat and drink up at the Marienpark, ringing in the end of the successful charity event together.

More information about Confluentes can be found here.