WHU Toddlers

Celebrating St. Martin

The WHU Toddlers celebrate St. Martin and learn more about the holiday and its meaning.

A breakfast with warm vibes—that is how the Toddlers celebrated St. Martin as they learned about the patron saint against poverty and the values associated with him, such as charity, good deeds, and sharing. The children already had access to a lovely touch and feel book that tells St. Martin’s story for several days beforehand and that allowed them to feel St. Martin`s  cozy red coat, the meager clothing of the beggar, and the soft down feathers of the geese. Our carefully made lanterns—which the children decorated with leaves they collected, pressed, and dried themselves—were a point of pride for us! The youngest children of the bunch skipped the big St. Martin’s fire, but they came to the joint breakfast, where they enjoyed homemade, whole-grain chocolate rolls, sang songs, and attended a storytelling session. All in all, a great way to celebrate this well-known custom in a cozy and child-friendly setting.