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First Councilor Gets to Know WHU Toddlers

WHU’s childcare options discussed at the school’s daycare center

First Councilor Gets to Know WHU Toddlers
From left to right: Peter Christ (Head of Administration at WHU), Diana Stasch (Manager of the Welcome Center at WHU), Pascal Badziong (First Councilor of Mayen-Koblenz County), Simone Hahn (Director of WHU Toddlers), Annette Rühle (Mayen-Koblenz County Kindertagespflege Department)

Pascal Badziong, First Councilor of Mayen-Koblenz County, came to WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management to learn more about the childcare services that the school has on offer. With its daycare center WHU Toddlers, nestled within the confines of its Vallendar campus, the business school has succeeded in providing both its own employees and local families an option for their young ones. Thanks to the center’s smaller group sizes of up to five children a day, each child receives the kind of care that they need. “I myself am a huge fan of unique childcare facilities such as these. Small groups allow for a completely different kind of support,” said Badziong during his visit.

Simone Hahn, Director at WHU Toddlers, and Diana Stasch, Manager of WHU’s Welcome Center, introduced to both Badziong and Annette Rühle (of Mayen-Koblenz County’s Kindertagespflege Department) the center’s childcare concept and unique offerings during a presentation. “We always strive to accommodate everyone’s needs,” said Hahn, noting that, “flexible worktime is crucial, for us, for the kids, and for their parents.” Following their talk, attendees had a chance to meet directly with the speaker duo, as well as with Peter Christ, Head of Administration at WHU, to chat about the most current topics at the center.

Badziong and Rühle expressed a strong interest in the facility, as there had only been one other daycare center of its kind operating in the county before WHU Toddlers opened its doors. Centers such as these could be the deciding factors in the modern working world and when it comes to winning over potential new employees. Discussions continued, including one on how an improved network of such daycare centers and “kitas (another type of childcare facility common in Germany) could look in the future. Participants were of the opinion that a strengthened exchange between parties could be beneficial, noting that, generally speaking, most small children make the jump from this kind of daycare to a kita once they reach a certain age.

WHU Toddlers was established to support parents and help them find a balance between their family life and their career. Led by a qualified and experience team, the center offers professional care for children around the ages of one to three and was recently named the only childcare center of this type (out of eight) in all of Rhineland-Palatinate to have been certified for quality assurance. The center was also a deciding factor in Mayen-Koblenz County having recognized WHU as one of the area’s most family-friendly organizations.