Explore Talent Point for yourself –
Find the right candidates to join your team!

Dear Reader,

We understand that discovering talent is one of the most important aspects of creating and sustaining a successful organization. Therefore, we developed a new portal for you to browse student profiles at leisure or search based on specific criteria. Explore Talent Point for yourself and find the right candidates to join your team as interns or full-time colleagues!

We are pleased to present upcoming and recent graduates from our Bachelor, Master and MBA programs — all outstanding candidates who have a sound business education and are ready to pursue careers in Germany and around the globe. At WHU, students not only master technical and critical thinking skills, but also learn to be self-starters and work in an interdisciplinary manner. Our demanding selection process ensures that our students have a diverse set of individual qualities, including talent, creativity, moral integrity, and empathy.

Our programs are designed to foster and develop those talents through rigorous academics and mandatory modules of international and practical experiences. WHU students also engage in numerous on- and off-campus extracurricular activities and actively pursue their personal interests in sports, the arts, and social commitments.

The Talent Point search engine enables you to filter students based on many criteria, including by study program, professional history, international experience, and languages spoken. Attached for your convenience are a complete user guide and a quick-start guide. After a long development period, we are excited to make Talent Point available to you! As this software is new, we appreciate any feedback you have.

Please feel free to contact interesting candidates directly or get in touch with us in the Career Center for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!


Heike Hülpüsch
Director Career Center

Reina Shishikura
Career Center Campus Düsseldorf