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Empowering Your Journey to High-Impact OR Publishing

Are you an aspiring OR researcher or doctoral student seeking to elevate your work to the highest levels of academic excellence? If so, we cordially invite you to join us for an exclusive workshop hosted by the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. This transformative event is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to achieve your publishing aspirations and establish yourself in the field of OR.



Prof. Dr. Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès
Mines Saint-Etienne, Univ Clermont Auvergne
Department of Accounting and Operations Management, BI Norwegian Business School

Prof. Dr. Roman Słowiński
Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Poznan University of Technology
Coordinating Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Operational Research

Prof. Dr. Karen Smilowitz 
Center for Engineering and Health, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Editor-in-Chief, Transportation Science


Registration Deadline: 30.04.24

Date: To Be Announced (TBA)

Location: WHU - Otto Beisheim School Of Management



WHU - Otto Beisheim School Of Management, Chair Of Operations Management

TU Dresden, Chair Of Industrial Management

King's College London, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences

Workshop Details

Navigate the Path to Top-Tier Journals

Emerging researchers and doctoral students often face the daunting task of publishing their innovative OR research in esteemed journals. This expertly crafted workshop tailors to your specific needs, empowering you to transform your current manuscripts into submissions that resonate with top OR publications.

Delve into the Essentials of OR Writing and Reviewing

Immerse yourself in a curriculum that encompasses the fundamentals of OR writing, including clear articulation, rigorous methodology, and compelling argumentation. Alongside these essential writing skills, you will refine your ability to provide constructive peer reviews, enabling you to contribute meaningfully to the OR community. Discover how to identify and translate real-world manufacturing challenges into novel OR research opportunities. This workshop will equip you with the insights and frameworks to bridge the gap between industrial applications and cutting-edge research.

Nurture a Thriving Network of OR Professionals

Engage in insightful discussions with fellow researchers and established experts, fostering a rich network of connections that will propel your OR journey. This workshop provides an invaluable platform for building international research collaborations and expanding your professional horizons.

Embark on a Journey of Scientific Excellence

With this workshop as your guide, you will gain the expertise and confidence to navigate the intricacies of high-impact OR publishing. Join us and elevate your research career to new heights.

Please send your application to liji.shen[at]whu.edu by April 30, 2024.

Conference fee €60 (incl. VAT), Scholarship available, accommodation not included.

Before the Workshop

To ensure a productive learning experience, participants must submit a manuscript they wish to improve for publication in a top OR journal. This manuscript should be in an advanced stage of development, with at least 70% of the content completed. This will allow our expert facilitators to provide tailored feedback and guidance tailored to your specific research goals.

Application Process

To secure your spot, please submit the following:

  • A draft of a paper on a relevant OR topic, at least 70% complete.

Please note that we accept both previously submitted papers and papers that have been rejected or require major revisions.

  • A CV that highlights your previous career stages and emphasizes your research goals and career objectives.

Limited Spots Available

Due to the high demand for this exclusive workshop, we will be accepting a limited number of participants. Early application is strongly recommended.

Please note, that accommodation is not included, and each participant is responsible for organizing and covering the costs of their own accommodation. You can find a list of accommodations here. WHU collaborates with the following hotels:


 *= special rates for WHU members  
HotelAddressTelephoneBooking code
Altstadt HotelJesuitenplatz 1-3, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 201 640 
Aparthotel am MünzplatzBurgstraße 10, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1349 0644 
BerufsförderungswerkSebastian-Kneipp-Straße 10, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 64060 
Brenner HotelRizzastraße 20-22, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 915 780 
Business LodgingBurgstrasse 20, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)172 7803 876 
City Apartments KoblenzLöhrstraße 100, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1349 06443 
City Hotel Kurfürst BalduinHohenfelder Straße 12, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)2622 133 200 
Diehls HotelRheinsteigufer 1, 56077 Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein+49 (0)261 97070 
Faehr HausAn der Fähre 3, 56072 Koblenz+49 (0)261 20171-0 
Ferienwohnung Herta LiebscherNikolaus-Ehlen-Str. 37, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)2621 62218 
Ferienwohnung KrämerLöhrstraße 32, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)151 - 221 384 49 
Ferienwohnung Silke KreuterReuschenweg 111, 56077 Koblenz+49 (0)261 62748 
Forum Vinzenz PalottiPallottistraße 3, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 64021 
G Hotel Koblenz*Neversstraße 15, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 200 245010112023WHU
bookings only through
Haus MarienauHöhrer Straße 86, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 962 620 
Haus SonnenauHillscheider Straße 7, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 963 150 
Haus St.JosefGilgenborn 68, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 60013 
Hotel 42Rheinstraße 31, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 66046 
Hotel Adria StubenHauptstraße 20, 56182 Urbar+49 (0)261 60819 
Hotel ContelPastor-Klein Straße 19, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 - 4065-0 
Hotel Continental Pfälzer HofBahnhofplatz 1, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 30160 
Hotel HeinzBergstraße 77, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 94300 
Hotel ibisRizzastraße 42, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 30240 
Hotel Kleiner RiesenJanuarius-Zick-Str. 11, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0) 261 303 460 
Hotel MarilynHofstraße 281, 56077 Koblenz+49 (0)174 2345611 
Hotel Mercure*Julius-Wegeler-Straße 6, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1360SC322612920
Online Access Code WH911DE489 
Hotel Schloss Montabaur*Schloss Montabaur, 56410 Montabaur+49 (0)2602 14300 
Hotel ScholzMoselweißer Straße 121, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 94260 
Hotel SiliciumSchillerstraße 2-4, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 941 680 
Hotel SteinMayener Straße 126, 56070 Koblenz+49 (0)261 - 963530 
Hotel Super 8 by WyndhamClemensstrasse 32, 56068 Koblenzplease refer to website 
Hotel Villa SaynKoblenz-Olper-Straße 111, 56170 Bendorf+49 (0)2622 94490 
Hotel WeinlaubeHaukertsweg 9, 56076 Koblenz+49 (0)261 97000 
Hotel Zugbrücke*Brexbachstraße 11-17, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 1050WHU 2024 
Sander Hotel*Casinostraße 17, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 889 68 720PAR2-18/19
Top Hotel Krämer*Kardinal-Krementz-Straße 12, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 406 200 


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