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WHU Private Equity Conference: A Caesura in the Investment Environment

A Caesura in the Investment Environment

Sign up today for the student-led Private Equity Conference, starting March 23, on recent developments in the world of private equity

The two-day Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference, which will be held by students from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management under the academic direction of Professor B. Burcin Yurtoglu of the Chair of Corporate Finance, will bring brilliant minds together to “unite the world of finance” starting on March 23, 2023. Yet, with all the complications and crises that have impacted people across the globe—from Brexit to the COVID-19 pandemic to the war currently playing out on Ukrainian soil—the very mission that motivates these students has only become more difficult to execute. Under this year’s theme “A Caesura in the Investment Environment,” the team and their esteemed guests, including Dr. Michael Drill (CEO Germany for Lincoln International) and Alexandra Pederzani (Vice President of Eurazeo Growth), will tackle head on the recent changes seen in the world of private finance after years of economic disruption.

“Caesura,” from the Latin for “cut” or “break,” certainly defines all that has happened over the past few years. Notably, however, as the era of “cheap money” draws to a close, private funds have not been adjusted to reflect new market conditions. In fact, many have gained value. How recent events have affected the world of private finance, what investors are looking for in today’s economic climate, and how to cope with the looming “next debt bubble” will be explored in detail during keynote speeches, panel discussions, and fireside chats with representatives from KKR, Cinven, BCG, BC Partners, Simon-Kucher, and more.

Participants can expect to gain invaluable insights into the field of private equity from industry experts, highly lucrative professional skills through exciting workshops, and exclusive career and networking opportunities. The conference, which will conclude with a gala dinner at the Klostergut Besselich, is designed to cater to graduate students and young professionals with an interest and an established background in finance, private investments, consulting, and/or economics. Tickets are on sale now, and those who wish to attend may apply at the official Campus for Finance website.

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