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Academy of Management Conference 2023

Chair of Leadership visits research conference in Boston


This year, the Academy of Management Conference (AOM) took place in the vibrant city of Boston, USA. This conference consistently draws thousands of management scholars and scientists from across the globe, and this year was no exception.

Among the participants at this year's AOM, the team from the Chair of Leadership was present as well. Professor Gerpott, in collaboration with Professor Fasbender and Professor Burmeister, organized a captivating session focused on "Knowledge Behaviors." Their session "Do we know it all? New perspectives on studying knowledge behaviors in organizations", aimed to delve deeper into the intricate dynamics of how knowledge is gathered, utilized, and exchanged among employees within organizations.

Lioba Gierke, a doctoral student at the Chair of Leadershippresented her research with the project title "Entrainment in meetings: Patterns of manager and employee leadership claiming and granting over time". This project, a collaborative effort involving Professor Gerpott,Dr. Florian Klonek, and Professor van Quaquebeke recently gained recognition with the publication of a short article in the Academy of Management Proceedings.

With a wealth of impressions and ideas in their luggage, the researchers are back in Germany and are already looking forward to the next conference - the Fall Workshop WK Personal in Berlin will take place at the end of September!

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