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Applying for the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program

A guide to successfully joining Germany’s #1 EMBA program.


The Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA attracts candidates worldwide from diverse backgrounds, industries, and professions. Joining the program means access to new knowledge from an expert faculty and the opportunity to learn from like-minded top-tier peers. With a rolling admissions process throughout the year allowing for greater flexibility, the program welcomes each new intake around mid-September. However, before you can start your transformational journey towards becoming a leader with impact, there are a few steps to consider when applying.

1. Update your profile and do your research.

Prepare your CV or update your LinkedIn profile. It is essential to meet the eligibility criteria to join the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA. For a smooth process and so our admissions team can see this clearly in your application, it is important to update your education. For example, university, years of study, and countries, and your work experience, focusing on any managerial capability.

Schedule a meeting. Through several different virtual events, you can speak with us and discuss whether you are the right fit for the program. Register via the Kellogg-WHU website and schedule a meeting with us for a direct way to discover more about the #1 ranked EMBA program.

Attend informational and networking events. What better way to discover more about the Executive MBA than from someone who has already graduated? Every month the admissions team hosts various events for candidates, including the chance to network with alumni and current students. Discover their experiences, their career progression, and sign up for other events, including leadership-specific topics with our dedicated Career Center.

2. Find suitable financing options for you.

Discuss financial support with your employer. Some companies/employers support participants throughout their EMBA journey. Suppose this is an option you would like to explore. In that case, we can help you with suggestions on structuring and preparing for this conversation. Continuing your education can offer many benefits for both you and the future of the company.

Explore other financing options. Compare different loan providers, including your bank, and providers recommended by Kellogg-WHU, such as Lendwise, Prodigy Finance, and Brain Capital. Doing so early in the application process will give you more time to choose the right option for your circumstances.

Check tax deductions. Depending on which country you live in, there might be the possibility of tax deductions. Check with your tax advisor if it is possible to deduct the tuition fee and travel expenses from your taxes.

3. Plan for the admissions process.

Prepare the required documents. While it may seem an obvious step, it is helpful to check with the admissions team what documents are needed to apply! Some simple planning is recommended as perhaps obtaining certain documents can take a few weeks. These include:

  • Two letters of recommendation, so this is an excellent time to start thinking about who those people could be.
  • Transcript of records – this is a document usually issued together with your diploma and lists all courses completed in your previous studies, along with your results. This document should also list the classes from each academic year completed.
  • GMAT certificate/language certificates – these are not necessary for all candidates, so please contact our admissions team to check if this applies to you.

Apply via the online Application Center.Our application process is all online and guides you through the required steps and documents needed for completion. We recommend you submit this at least a month before the admissions deadline, should anything be missing.

Schedule your admissions interviews.This is the next step once your application to the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA has been submitted successfully. The admissions team will schedule two online interviews with you. The first is with one of our alumni, and the second is conducted by a representative of the school, i.e., the Program Director. 

Prepare for your interviews. During these interviews, the focus is on whether you are the right fit for the program and, similarly, if the program can meet your career goals. As with any interview, bringing examples of related managerial tasks, current roles, and responsibilities with you will be helpful.

With some simple planning, your entry into one of the world’s largest and most immersive global EMBA networks can be a smooth one! The entire admissions process usually lasts around one month: from submitting your documents until completion (signing the contract). Should you still have further questions, you can contact us via the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA website.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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