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Autumn is coming

After the summer break, the WHU Toddlers have continued since August. We are just welcoming new children and are now starting autumn and winter with…

Once again, we realize: autumn is one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons. After a very sunny summer, the Toddlers find the most beautiful color combinations in nature and turn them into creative craft ideas. Excursions along rustling paths covered with leaves make exciting noises and are a lot of fun. On the way, delicious apples and nuts could be collected, admired and later eaten or processed! Haptically as well as visually a real treat - it tastes best with all your senses.

To live in harmony with the seasons, the group not only went outside, but also decorated the interior with window pictures and even made mushrooms. Thus, the beautiful autumn has also moved in with the Toddlers.

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