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Caroline Klaas represents Female Empowerment

Caroline Klaas Represents Female Empowerment

Caroline Klaas speaks of her time at WHU and her career in the executive offices at Henkel

As a part of International Women's Day, journalist Lana Wittig writes about female empowerment and the recent developments made in this area. Caroline Klaas of Henkel is a shining example. She completed her bachelor's and master's degrees at WHU and later decided to partake in an internship in brand management at Henkel. She enjoyed her time there so much that, after graduating, she began working directly with the company as an executive assistent to former CFO Carsten Knobel, who has since become CEO. "I wanted to go back to Henkel." Her desire to return became increasingly clear and, after more than five years iont eh boardroom, and in her new role as a Senior Brand Manager at Schwarzkopf (acquired by Henkel in the 1990s), she will be supporting their team on site in Los Angeles, California.

She would like to impart one word of advice to today's female students. "I highly recommend to all of you to actively participate in networks such as the WHU Alumnae Network, and to take advantage of these helpful connections for your career development."

The Henkel Center for Consumer Goods wishes Caroline Klaas continued success at Henkel.

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