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Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 1

Meet the founders that are revolutionizing everything from laser cutting to e-commerce

We’re excited to introduce the first half of the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort! In the latest episode of WHU’s Most Awesome Founder Podcast, you can learn more about the four inspiring teams, their startups, and more!

This week, you will meet the founders of…

Lidrotec – a laser cutting technology that enables semi-conductor producers to reduce material waste by 90-100%

Specter Automation – an artificial intelligence software that helps construction companies integrate digital planning data on the construction site

KitchX – a digital kitchen configuration studio that supports customers from design to installation

Bringwing – a shipping subscription service that is changing the way consumers order from retailers online

Listen to the episode here: https://mostawesomepodcast.com/teams-1/

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