Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 2

From Equestrian Apparel to Investment in the Chinese Market

We’re excited to introduce the second half of the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort!

In this episode of WHU’s Most Awesome Founder Podcast, you can learn more about the inspiring teams, their startups, the problems they are tackling, and the paths they have chosen to get to market as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This week, you will meet the founders of…

PreMatch – a data-driven content aggregator for non-professional football

CIMK – a deep-tech data platform for investors interested in the Chinese market

ABOUT My Horse – a social commerce platform and online community for equestrian-focused fashion

Happy Burning – a functional beverage company producing a one-of-a-kind brain-boosting focus drink.

The teams are led by incredible founders with unique backgrounds – all driven by a profound desire to improve people’s lives. And as you know, there are few things more inspiring than the stories of mission-driven entrepreneurs!

Listen to the episode here: https://mostawesomepodcast.com/teams-2/