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Encyclopedic article on Operational Research forthcoming

"Operational Research: Methods and Applications"

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of our academic article titled "Operational Research: Methods and Applications" in the 75th anniversary volume of the Journal of the Operational Research Society. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the diverse field of Operational Research (OR), showcasing a collective effort of numerous esteemed researchers and scholars.

Led by an expansive team of authors including renowned experts such as Fotios Petropoulos, and Gilbert Laporte, this encyclopedic article spans 257 pages and encompasses an exhaustive exploration of OR. In total, 82 co-authors contributed to this work by reviewing the their respective field of expertise. Notably, our very own Professor Arne Strauss and his doctoral candidate Jens Frische have authored the chapter on "Revenue Management," adding their insights to this exceptional work.

The article's abstract unveils its distinctive structure, featuring two main sections: "methods" and "applications." These sections encapsulate the latest advancements, models, and algorithms that define the Operational Research landscape. The collective experience of this large team of authors ensures that this article will serve as a point of reference for academics, researchers, students, and practitioners alike.

The accepted pre-print can be downloaded here. Stay tuned for the official publication in the Journal of the Operational Research Society.

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