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Five Tips for Applying to WHU

How to successfully apply for your bachelor’s degree

How can you ensure that your application stands out and represents you as the right candidate for WHU? We speak to Marketing and Admissions Manager Paul Noske to find out his top five tips for applying to WHU in 2022.

1. Talk to current students and staff.

“It is so easy to connect with current bachelor students and ask questions about life on campus,” says Paul. “Candidates can connect with these students through our online chat platform.”

“Our team is very friendly so don’t be shy! Suppose you have questions about the admissions procedure, your application, or anything really. In that case, we can help guide you through the process.” 

2. Check you meet the requirements.

The requirements for our two bachelor’s degrees (Bachelor in International Business Administration and Bachelor in Business Psychology) can be easily found via the WHU website.

International students should also look at the Uni Assist website to check their qualifications to meet the requirements for studying in Germany. There is lots of information on the internet, but this the most reliable and up-to-date.

“If any applicants are unsure if they meet the requirements to study in Germany or if they are eligible to study at WHU, they can contact us. We don’t just consider your academic achievements – we are very interested in you as a person too!”

3. Do your research

While it helps to study at a top business school with an excellent reputation for quality and learning experience, what about the rest of your time? It’s important to research everything around your life at WHU. For example, student clubs, conferences, career events, or even learning new languages.

Interested in social impact? Look at our SensAbility student club. Or maybe you are interested in start-ups? Check out IdeaLab! - WHU Founders‘ Conference. WHU hosts workshops, events, and conferences throughout the year on a wide range of topics.

“There is much more to studying at WHU than attending lectures,” says Paul. “WHU offers multiple ways to get involved with charities, sports, or topics that are important to you. WHU is very lucky to have its own Career Center. They can help you practice interview techniques, help you sharpen your CV, or even help you find the right internship.”

4. Participate in online events

WHU also offers lots of online events to help you get to know the bachelor’s program in person and the chance to ask lots of questions from the comfort of your own home. These include: 

Virtual Info Sessions – these are short information sessions held in English and are usually around one hour in length. These give an overview of the program and a Q&A section. 

(Virtual) Open Days – meet us on campus! These are held in both English and German, always on a Saturday. These events offer an opportunity to participate in campus tours, experience a lecture, as well as the chance to meet staff and students.

5. Write a list of your motivation, skills, and experience

Having a clear idea of your interests and skills will help you tremendously during the admissions process. “We take a holistic approach,” explains Paul. “This means we want to know about you as a person, including your extracurricular activities, volunteering, your hobbies, or any international experiences you’ve had. This gives us a better picture of who you are and what motivates you.” 

The admissions procedure is divided into three steps (you must pass each step to be invited to the next):

  1. Online analytical test – You can find an example on the WHU website. Still, you also receive other practice questions if invited to attend.
  2. Online assessment – This is divided into a presentation (on a topic of your choice) and questions based on your motivation and personality.
  3. Online interviews – The interviews during the admissions procedure are based on your CV and letter of motivation. Practice talking about possible questions you could be asked.

“Get creative! Practice the presentation in front of friends or family or even a mirror. Get comfortable with talking about your motivation for studying for a bachelor’s degree at WHU and, most important – be yourself.”

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