Master students at WHU

Global Prospects with the Master in International Business

The degree for a rapidly changing business environment

In the past year, it has become more apparent that the rapid globalization of the world can have a widespread impact on us all. While this comes with both disadvantages and advantages, as sadly demonstrated in the rapid spread of COVID-19, it shows no signs of slowing in the development of industry and business. On the contrary, global networks and a deeper understanding of other cultures lead to more significant opportunities and room for industrial growth. So, it seems intuitive for future leaders to pursue an education that supports this upward trend. 

"I think globalization will continue long after COVID-19. As this will also mean working in an international team with people from different cultural backgrounds, and it will be crucial for me to have intercultural competence and awareness." Lasse Nissen will join the new WHU Master in International Business program in September, researching the school after listening to the positive experiences from a friend in the current bachelor program. "We talked a lot about his studies at WHU and the 'WHU spirit' he experienced between the students and professors. It convinced me to look more closely at the WHU website, where I found the new Master in International Business. The description of the program fitted what I was looking for in a master's degree in both content and focus, so I decided to apply."

The Master in International Business program combines management and business theory with practical applications. The program's core focuses on building a global mindset and skills needed for working with international teams. From global supply chain logistics to international trade and accounting, students get to grips with all aspects of general management required for success in a globalized world. "I made a choice to study at WHU because it offers a high level of education in the business and management fields on a theoretical level, and it is very practice-oriented. I couldn't complete a semester abroad during my bachelor studies, so I wanted to gain that experience during my master's studies. Luckily WHU has a great network of partner universities around the world."

However, the new master's program is different from others in that applicants need not have a bachelor's degree in business studies to join. "I previously studied a bachelor's in international sales and purchase engineering, which combined my two main interests of physics and economics. After graduating, I completed a couple of internships, including one at Lego in Denmark in the procurement division. I currently am a working student in the product management department for a local company which builds safety systems for train construction sites." Lasse realized that despite this practical experience, he was missing vital knowledge regarding business and management, which prompted his search for a master's program.

'I'm ready to explore other options in terms of what career I pursue and to dive into new topics. Following graduation, my main goal is to work for an internationally operating company and live abroad for some time, particularly in China or the USA. I believe the Master in International Business will prepare me for my career goals, and I am excited to gain the knowledge I need to achieve them."

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