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Is an Online MBA Worth It?

Why now is the time to upgrade your skillset.

Studying an online MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a top business school can open doors to new knowledge and insights, and help you advance in your career. The online format offers additional flexibility, such as not being required to attend a physical campus and being able to study in your own time. An MBA is designed for motivated professionals who have little or no business knowledge from their previous degrees who are looking to advance in their careers. Here you can find out more about the worth of online mba:

  1. Does an MBA make sense?
  2. Is an online MBA in Germany worth it?
  3. What can I expect from the program?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Is an online MBA accredited?

Does an MBA make sense?

While studying a master’s in business administration (MBA) does not guarantee a senior position in your company, career statistics from the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA Program at WHU show that graduates have an average salary increase of 106%. Joining an MBA program also provides access to new networking opportunities that may not be possible in your current industry or location. The MBA program at WHU offers a diverse community of peers from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

During the WHU Global Online MBA, students can network with these peers online as well as opportunities to do so at Campus Düsseldorf. Students also have the option to join student clubs, attend events, and meet students from other cohorts. Studying an MBA makes sense for motivated professionals looking for in-depth management knowledge in an international-oriented environment. With the option to study over 24 or 36 months, or even over five years with individual certification from WHU Executive Education, an online MBA is ideal for anyone looking for more flexibility that fits into their schedule and lifestyle.

Is an online MBA in Germany worth it?

An online MBA offers more flexibility than a traditional MBA that requires attendance on campus. Balancing work or family life may not allow for these formats or perhaps you prefer to study at times that suit you. While there are many online MBA options with many reputable business schools, not all can promise the same quality and level of content as the physical programs, nor the same career support. With the WHU Global Online MBA, students can expect personal growth and professional development from its #1 ranked Career Center.

Students benefit from the same faculty and expert knowledge that students receive during the physical MBA program, which is ranked #1 by the Financial Times. An online MBA from a reputable school such as WHU means that students also receive an MBA certificate at the end of their studies from a triple-accredited European business school. Choosing a well-known and top-ranked business school, can be a sure way to guarantee a high-quality online MBA in both curriculum content and personal development.

What can I expect from an online MBA?

Studying for an MBA is much more than studying general management. Generally speaking, students can expect to be taught by an expert faculty who possess industry insights and extensive practical knowledge. At WHU, a rigorous curriculum is combined with real-life cases and centers around a personal growth journey, with one-on-one coaching to foster self-awareness and help students to develop as leaders.

Students of the online MBA can also expect to be welcomed into the wider WHU community. While studies take place online, students can interact with alumni and other MBA students through several student clubs such as the Entrepreneurship Roundtable and the WHU Women in Business Club. Limited class sizes ensure interactive sessions with professors, where they are welcome to openly discuss topics and ask questions. Participants also receive personalized support throughout the program so despite studying online, they can expect a positive learning environment coupled with individual care, so no student ever feels alone.

Finally, an online MBA prepares you to think critically and in a solution-oriented manner. Studying and working alongside diverse cultures and personalities helps you adapt and improve communication skills vital for today's working environment and business world.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an online MBA varies from school or school, with some offering international modules and add-ons. WHU offers several different financing options for prospective students, with the strong belief that such an investment should not impede your ambition or goals. These range from bank loans to financing concepts such as Brain Capital, which allows students to pay back their fees through employment after the program. The Global Online MBA also offers many scholarships based on various criteria, such as for social entrepreneurs or highly talented candidates from various professional backgrounds or countries.

It is also important to see what ‘cheaper’ programs do not offer - for example, the online MBA at WHU includes personal growth and career coaching plus networking opportunities not offered by many other MBA providers.

Is an online MBA accredited?

As an international student, it is important to know whether the degree you receive at the end of the program is accredited and recognized around the world. Much like a physical program, graduates of the Global Online MBA receive a full MBA certificate at the end of their studies. Degrees from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management are also triple-accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and FIBAA, with the added benefit that WHU is home to Germany's #1 ranked MBA program (Financial Times 2021 Global MBA Ranking). When considering an online MBA, it must be from a well-ranked and accredited school that can provide the official qualifications and course content and has your needs and career progressions goals as its focus.

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