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Keynote at Facebook Select (DACH) 2021 Event

At the Facebook Select Event with a focus on Measurement on November 17, 2021, Chairholder Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth had the honor of delivering a…

With selected partners from the agency, client, and data modeling sides, they discussed the direct and indirect impact of advertising spend on revenue and how this can be most accurately measured methodically today. From the Meta Marketing Science team, Konstanze Fichtner presented the current state of research with a focus on revenue-based brand equity measurement, whereas WHU's current modeling projects primarily integrate customer-based brand equity metrics.

For more than three years, WHU has partnered with Meta to improve and advance research and methodology on long-term brand equity measurement. Interacting with experts from the field and combining their knowledge or insights with academic research provides a unique opportunity to shape the future of advertising effectiveness modeling.

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