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Marius Hatzenbühler attended the 30th IPDMC

TIM Chair’s doctoral student Marius Hatzenbühler attended the 30th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)

The 30th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC) was hosted in Lecco, Italy, from June 7-9, 2023. Among the attendees was our PhD student Marius Hatzenbühler who had the opportunity to participate in the Doctoral Workshop on June 6-7, ahead of the main event, where he presented his research.

Celebrating 30 years of research in innovation and product development management, the IPDMC gathered experts from various fields such as technology management, entrepreneurship, marketing of innovation, creativity, and design. The 2023 conference featured a rich array of academic presentations, industry engagement, keynotes, and roundtable discussions on themes including innovation strategy, radical and disruptive innovation, open innovation, digital transformation, leadership, emerging technologies, and more.

Marius Hatzenbühler's involvement in the Doctoral Workshop allowed him to showcase his research and engage with fellow scholars and professionals in the field. The main conference continued to provide insights into the achievements, challenges, and future directions of innovation and product development.

Following the conference, Marius enjoyed networking opportunities with other attendees and took the time to explore the scenic city of Lecco. The event not only contributed to his academic growth but also offered valuable connections and a memorable experience in a culturally rich setting.

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