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Master in Management vs. Master in International Business

Master in Management vs. Master in International Business

Navigating your path to success at WHU

Making a choice that impacts your future can be daunting, and with a wealth of information out there, it can even be overwhelming. Choosing the right study program, however, shouldn’t be. We compare two study programs from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management; the Master in Management and the Master in International Business. While both offer valuable insights, they differ in focus and structure. We’ll dissect the differences between these two reputable degrees to help you make an informed decision and set you on the path to the career of your dreams. 

Master in International Business: Embracing Fundamentals

The WHU Master in International Business is ideal for candidates with or without a distinct academic background in business. Only have a minor in economics or studied a completely different bachelor’s degree? No problem: this program is an ideal path for students who aspire to be the next manager or leader in their dream job but are looking for the fundamentals to help them get there.

  1. Structure, structure, structure: While the Master in Management offers more electives, for someone with less business knowledge, the structure in the Master in International Business is vital! Our curriculum guides you through the core concepts with a structured study plan to help you reach your goals and an online prep course to get you on board before you start.
  2. Cultural chameleon: no more cultural barriers. Adjust your strategy and communication styles to different contexts. Become a pro at building strong professional relationships wherever you go and put your skills to practice with a semester abroad.
  3. Global vision: Picture yourself working in multinational corporations or international organizations? With a master’s in international business, your expertise in navigating a global business landscape will take you places.

Master in Management: Building Expertise

The WHU Master in Management is your flexible, customizable path to becoming a manager – or anything you want to be! This is for students who already have business fundamentals under their belt with a related bachelor’s degree and are ready to get more of that specialized knowledge to take them further. 

  1. Broad in business, sharp in focus: Soak up essential knowledge from the field of general management. Unlock key insights to understanding how organizations work with eight concentration areas to dive deeper, including Financial Accounting, Innovation, Strategy, and Supply Chain Management. Top up all this knowledge with electives, guest lectures, conferences, events, and a semester abroad!
  2. Leadership superpowers: Unleash your inner leader by leveling up your decision-making skills, grasping the dynamics of teamwork, and tackling strategic thinking. Consider sustainability and psychology as a forward-thinking leader and integrate a more global perspective into your approach.
  3. Endless possibilities: The sky is the limit. Whether you are a consulting mogul, a marketing genius, or prefer to be a generalist, this degree equips you with the skills to make it happen.

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