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Master thesis honored with In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Award

As part of WHU's annual Graduation Ceremony, the In Praxi - WHU Alumni Association honors a master's thesis that is not only economically but also…

Hannah Erlebach's master's thesis, "Ethically Desired Fundraising Communication of a Non-Profit: A Randomized Field Experiment and Survey Study on the Business Implications," written in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe, considers the overarching question of how best to communicate Welthungerhilfe's mission #ZeroHunger in the context of future fundraising campaigns. In times of extreme uncertainty, this mission becomes even more important and at the same time more difficult to achieve. In particular, Hannah Erlebach investigated what type of fundraising communications donors recommend, the reasons for their recommendation, and the economic impact.

The Chair of Digital Marketing warmly congratulates Ms. Erlebach and is proud of her great achievement. A big thank you goes to the jury of In Praxi for this honor. Thanks also go to Susanne Fotiadis, Stephanie Sanwidi and Anna Sperling for making this collaboration possible.

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