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New HORIZONT article on Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth

In a recent interview article, Christian Schlereth reflects the past 10 years after having won the HORIZONT Förderpreis

10 years ago, Prof. Christian Schlereth was honored to receive the HORIZONT-Förderpreis for his dissertation, which had an important impact on his decision to stay in academia. This week, he was interviewed on reflecting the past 10 years. The corresponding article based on this interview on his person appeared in the current edition of the HORIZONT newspaper. Thank you very much, Roland Karle for this interview.

By the way, the deadline for the next round of HORIZONT-scholarships is approaching: 01.03.2021. Be quick, we can highly recommend participating.

Link to the scholarship page: https://www.horizont-stiftung.de/ausschreibung/

Link to the article: https://www.horizont.net/marketing/nachrichten/hor-stiftung-auf-dem-richtigen-weg-189139

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