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New Christmas Stories to Be Shown on WHU Campus Façade

New Christmas Stories to Be Shown on WHU Campus Façade

From December 16 – 18 and on the 20th, WHU will again project fantastical animated Christmas fairy tales with festive music

The Little Star, the one who just wanted to be a little special, and the joyfully rockin’ Gingerbread Man dazzled children and their families at the Burgplatz in Vallendar last year, offering a little holiday cheer during a Christmas season compromised by the pandemic. The positive reception for the previous light show, which was projected over the façade of the Marienburg, was reason enough for WHU to give the residents of Vallendar, both big and small, another spectacle this year. And the best part? The batteries used to project the show will run 100% on stored solar energy.

Showtime runs from 17:00 – 20:30 between December 16 – 18, with an additional showing on Tuesday, December 20. Guests can expect to view three tales:

by Björn Steffens (based on a story by Leo Tolstoy)

Just before Christmas, Martin, a humble cobbler, greets several “extraordinary” guests who turn his life upside down. Martin is somewhat of a lonely fellow spending his Christmas season thinking of happier days. He asks himself if God’s love even really exists. The pastor in church always speaks of Jesus, particularly at Christmastime, but Martin has never seen any sign of him…

by Judith Spörl, with illustrations by Arabell Watzlawik

Propinella, an airplane, and Hubi Hubert, a helicopter, set out on a trip around the world and end up having the adventure of their lives. Hubi would never have been able to take off without Propinella. And, as they both find out, Propinella would never be able to arrive at their destination or even get home without Hubi. The duo makes friends all over the world, and they get help along the way whenever they get in a jam—which is often the case on such long journeys. This tale is all about friendship, trust, and why it’s important to take responsibility.

The story has been printed as a children’s book (in German) this past November. All proceeds from “Immer dem Propeller nach” go toward Reiner Meutsch’s FLY & HELP Foundation, which builds schools worldwide.

by Björn Steffens

The Little Star is a Christmas cookie. He’s a bit too small and a bit crooked. He’s even missing a piece from one of his points. And yet he wants to become the most beautiful Christmas cookie of all time! Melancholy, he runs off into the snow, where he meets some new animal friends and learns that there’s a lot more to life than beauty. This touching holiday tale shows children that each and every person is special.

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