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Professor Christian Schlereth Recognized as Outstanding Reviewer

OR Spectrum journal honors remarkable contributions made to the peer review process

Professor Christian Schlereth has been honored with the Outstanding Reviewer Award by the prestigious journal OR Spectrum. This recognition is awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional contributions to the peer review process, a critical component in maintaining the quality and integrity of the journal’s publications.

OR Spectrum, renowned for its significant impact on the field of operations research, publishes both applied and theoretical research. The journal focuses on the development and application of quantitative approaches for problem-solving and decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. The rigorous peer review process, upheld by dedicated reviewers, ensures the publication of articles that significantly contribute to science and practice.

In response to receiving the award, Christian Schlereth stated, “I am deeply honored to receive this recognition, especially as someone from the field of digital marketing. This award underscores the journal’s commitment to interdisciplinary research and its value in enriching our understanding and application of operations research. I am proud to contribute to a process that not only advances knowledge, but also embraces diverse methodologies and viewpoints.”

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