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Professor Ingo Froböse becomes Research Fellow at the Center for Non-Profit Management and Social Impact

Health and prevention issues are highly relevant for companies, foundations and society at large. This is why the topic has been one of the main pillars of the center's work since it was founded. Health is also playing an increasingly central role in the context of the current debate on ESG - and here specifically the S for social aspects.

With Prof. Dr Ingo Froböse as a new Research Fellow, the academic network of the WHU Center for Non-Profit Management and Social Impact has gained an important, high-profile member in this area.  

As one of Germany's leading health experts, Froböse has been a new partner at fischimwasser, a Cologne-based think tank for health promotion and prevention, since 2023. He previously headed the Institute for Exercise Therapy at the German Sport University Cologne. He continues to work there as a university professor at the “Institute of Movement Therapy and Movement-Oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation” at the German Sport University Cologne. He is also committed to the topics of health promotion and prevention in his other activities, e.g. as an expert to the German Bundestag on prevention issues, advisor to numerous health insurance companies and social security organisations and initiator of many institutions that promote a healthy lifestyle for people.

Prof Christian Hagist: "We are very pleased that we can now anchor the successful, previously only loose collaboration with Ingo Froböse and the fischimwasser team around Managing Director Stefan Sauerzapf in a long-term partnership."

Ingo Froböse: "I am looking forward to the partnership between WHU and our think tank fischimwasser. With the center, WHU is a strong, pioneering partner on our mission to raise awareness of the central importance of health promotion and prevention in companies and society - because this is the only way we can maintain our healthcare system and improve people's quality of life and performance."

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