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SALTY 2022 - Quantitative Marketing Conference

The team from the Chair of Digital Marketing hosted this year's SALTY 2022 conference.

The conference, which had already been planned since 2020 but then postponed to 2022, could now take place from September 25 to 27, 2022 at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in Düsseldorf with a total of 117 participants.

Many thanks to the speakers (Alexander Pfaff, Lukas Jürgensmeier, Dr. Ulrike Phieler, David Gremminger, Prof. Dr. Marc Fischer, Philip Pollmann-Schweckhorst, Prof. Dr. Daniel M. Ringel and our Dean Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf for his opening speech) and all participants for the great discussions.

The research presentations were complemented by a workshop on "Causal Machine Learning in Economics", held by Prof. Dr. Tom Zimmermann and a second workshop on "Metaverse", held by Emilio Capela Naya and Dr. Oliver Gediehn from McKinsey & Company. 

A big thank you also to McKinsey & Company for sponsoring our conference, especially to Dr. Lars Fiedler and Dr. Jil-Marie Dahm.

We would like to thank them again for the inspiring research talks, the academic exchange and the very successful and educational event.

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