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Statement on Media Coverage

Clear stance: WHU intervenes in cases of misconduct

Following the court case involving an incident of forced and excessive alcohol consumption during the introductory week in the 2023 fall semester, WHU is fully aware of the situation. The story has recently been picked up in a media report.

We would like to take this opportunity to make our stance on this issue clear. We expect all members of our community to behave respectfully, both to each other and to those from outside our network. We act whenever we are made aware of any violations of our Code of Conduct, as was the case in this situation, where the students took legal action after their contracts with WHU were rescinded. The courts have shown that, indeed, we have acted appropriately.

With entrepreneurship, excellence, community, and cosmopoliteness as our core values at WHU, we aim to educate the next wave of professionals and founders those who will contribute positively to our shared future. We are proud of our modern, diverse, and i nternational institution, one that has an inclusive and open culture and one where nobody feels threatened, exploited, or made to do something against their will. We do all that we can to ensure that these values are always upheld. Anybody who does not sha re this mindset is not in the right place at WHU.

We hope that our decisive action will encourage any person who has experienced similar problems to step forward. Last year, WHU integrated a certified whistleblower system that allows people to anonymously report such incidents. As this court case has shown, we do not hesitate to act whenever it is necessary. And, whenever we can, we use info sessions as a way to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

Christian Andres on behalf of the Core Leadership Team

If you have any questions, our PR department is happy to assist. The press office can be reached via presse@whu.edu or at +0151 2200 5988. Kerstin Leitel is your person of contact.

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