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Summer, sun, and splashing water

Our Toddlers explore the region with the new stroller.

"Yipieeeh", with their new stroller the WHU Toddlers make trips almost every day! It's not only comfortable, has room for 4 and the sun doesn't dazzle right away - the new Toddlers-Express is great, it quickly brings back the children to daycare for lunch after the morning tours.

Moreover, the group around Simone and Meggie gets a lot further and have made exciting discoveries in the park near the Schönstatt grounds: from drumming to creeks and caves, there is always so much to explore: “The journey is the reward". After the fountain on Burgplatz, the watercourse is not only one of the favorite attractions, but also pleasantly cooling in the current temperatures. Once back indoors, the air remains cool even now. Playing or sleeping are a breeze after the eventful walks. Totally relaxed, the children delve back into puzzles, games or sandboxes for a change.

This week the WHU Toddlers say goodbye to children again. We are looking forward to the celebration with the parents and at the same time we are a bit sad... good that the summer vacations start. We thank you for the wonderful joint moments, wish everyone a great time and a great vacation!

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